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Building a Legacy for the Outdoors through Reading


Our Mission

The inspiration behind the Outdoor Legacy Book Series came from the aspiration to reclaim the culture of outdoor adventure and introduce that culture back into the lives of today's youth.  Today's society is fast paced and filled with the distractions of technology.  The thrill of the outdoors cannot be reached through the power of technology.  To teach a child the true simplicity of the outdoors requires hands-on learning.  The Outdoor Legacy Book Series is designed to introduce the outdoors to children at a young age and keep the thrill for the outdoors alive throughout their adolescent and teenage years.  Each book series is designed to promote a love for the outdoors and conservation of wildlife and wild places.

Through its connection with Archery Advocates Association, every Outdoor Legacy Book Series purchase contributes to the financial needs in adaptive archery for children with physical and developmental disabilities, as well as school teams and individual financial assistance allowing youth participation in archery as a sport.